Nadia Jamal al-Din

Nadia Gamal-al-Din (Egypt) Professor in the principles of education, College of Education, ‘Ayn Shams University, Cairo. In 1987, she was awarded the State Prize for the Advancement of the Socail Sciences (Education). Her books on education among the Muslims include Falsafat al-tarbiya ‘Inda Ikhwan al-Safa' [Philosophy of Education in (the works of) the Brethren of Purity] (1983); Madaris al-tarbiya fi lhadara al-islamiyya [Schools of Education in Islamic Civilization] (co-author, 1984). She has also published papers in a number of adult education periodicals, with particular reference to illiteracy among village women. The most recent of these papers was published in Women and Literacy Development in the Third World, edited by Eve Malmquist (1992).


By Dr Nadia Jamal al-Din1 Table of contents 1. Mikawayh: his life and works 2. Ethics and education 3. The training of young men and boys 4. The aims of training young boys, according to Miskawayh 5. Methods of training the young boy      5.1. Methods of Training the Boy's...