Emilie Savage-Smith

Emilie Savage-Smith has recently retired as Professor of the History of Islamic Science at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. She remains the Fellow Archivist of St Cross College (also at the University of Oxford) and is Research Consultant to the Bodleian Library. She is also on the Council of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq (formerly the British School of Archaeology in Iraq). Recent books authored by her include Magic and Divination in Early Islam (Ashgate 2004), Medieval Views of the Cosmos (with E. Edson, Oxford, 2004), Medieval Islamic Medicine (with P.E. Pormann, Edinburgh 2007), and theMedieval Islamic Views of the Cosmos: The Book of Curiosities (with Y. Rapoport).


  Figure 1. The cover pages of the "Medieval Islamic Medicine" book. Medieval Islamic Medicine by Peter E. Formann and Emilie Savage-Smith is a new book on the Islamic medical tradition, published by Edinburgh University Press. In the following we...