Abdesselam Cheddadi

Abdesselam Cheddadi is professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University Muhammad V in Rabat, and former Associate Head of Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
Abdesselam Cheddadi is a specialist on Islamic historiography and the cultural and political history of Morocco. He is translator of the autobiography of Ibn Khaldun under the title Le voyage d’occident et d’orient [The Journey to West and East] (1980); extracts from the Kitab al-Ibar, under the title Peuples et nations du monde [The World's Peoples and Nations] (2 vols., 1986); and numerous studies on aspects of the thought of Ibn Khaldun.

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Abdesselam Cheddadi [1] Table of contents 1. The education system in Muslim societies 2. The Reproduction of Values 3. Training in Knowledge and Know-How 4. Learning the Arts 5. The Teaching of the Sciences 6. Conditions for Teaching 7. Pedagogical Principles 8. Methods...