Ayman Fuad Sayyid

Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid studied at Cairo University and obtained his doctorate from the University of Paris. For over a decade he was academically affiliated to the Arab League Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ALESCO).

Later he served as director of the Egyptian National Library and taught Islamic history and Arabic codicology at universities in Cairo, Paris and Tokyo. One of the foremost authorities on the history of medieval Egypt and Yemen, he has edited and published numerous Arabic texts.

His most recent books include La capitale de l'Égypte jusqu'à l'époque Fatimide, al-Qahira et al-Fustat (Beirut, 1998) and al-Dawla al Fatimiyya fi Misr (2nd ed., Cairo, 2000). (Source)


Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid published books by Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation:


Note of the Editor This article is taken from “The Earth and its Sciences in Islamic Manuscripts" (Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation, pp. 175-219, 2011, ISBN 978-1-905122-12-7). We are grateful to Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage...