Glen M. Cooper

(Image Source) Glen M. Cooper is a visiting assistant professor in the history department at Claremont McKenna College, while seeking a permanent academic position. At Claremont, he has taught various courses in history and religion, including Middle East, Medieval Europe, Byzantium, India, Qur’an, and history of science and medicine. He holds an undergraduate degree in mathematical physics, but has pursued advanced studies in languages and Islamic scientific civilization at Oxford and Columbia. A Greco-Arabist, he has published on the transmission of medical and astronomical concepts from Greek into Arabic, and from Arabic into Latin and beyond. His 2011 Arabic edition and study of Galen’s treatise on the medical critical days (De diebus decretoriis; kitab ayyam al-buhran) laid the foundation for further publications on the intersections of medicine and astrology in the Greco-Arabic and Latin traditions. In addition to interests in instruments and technology, his current monograph projects include: a study of the foundations of astrology and medicine in the Abbasid period, and a study of the body politic metaphor as it passed through Hellenistic Greek, Roman, Islamic, Byzantine, and Medieval Latin cultures.

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Claremont McKenna College: Professor Glen Cooper brings expertise in late antique Middle Eastern, European studies to CMC


Figure 1. Article Image Banner *** Note of Editor: “From Baghdad to Barcelona: The Anxiety of Influence in the Transmission of the Greek and Arabic Sciences”[1] article was presented in the 93rd Annual Medieval Academy of America Meeting, held on 3rd March 2018 in Atlanta (GA...
*** [Note of the Editing Manager] This article was originally published in Viewpoint: The British Society for the History of Science, No. 113 (June 2017). We are grateful to Glen M. Cooper for permitting republishing on the Muslim Heritage website. Some images may be...
Figure 1. Professor Rabie El Said Abdel-Halim, eminent expert in urology, poet and well known historian of Islamic medicine (Source) and pages from the original manuscript of Al-Tasrif depicting surgical instruments (Source) *** Note of the Editor This article was...