Aljazeera Childrens TV: Interview with Professor Salim Al-Hassani (Arabic)

Interview with Prof. Salim TS Al-Hassani by Al-Jazeera Children's TV. (Copyright Dunia Media). This is from the launch of the 1001 Inventions exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre in 2007.

Rough Translation:
Professor Salim Al-Hassani introduces himself and welcomes viewers of the programme, and introduces the story of 1001 inventions and Muslim Heritage in our world. He starts by explaining how the astrolabe is one of the oldest mechanical computer which can give positions, directions and the time. Then he explained why the Western world uses "Arabic numerals" (0, 1, 2, 3 ... etc.) and how this came to the West via the Muslim world. He then discusses communication and how birds were used to deliver messages and the development of the encoding and decoding messages.

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